Church School Series

This Church School Series teaches the Christian faith as stated in the Nicene Creed, and as articulated in the historic councils of the Church. The lessons follow the Church Year, and draw directly from Holy Scripture and the Episcopal 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Lesson topics (with a few exceptions) are the same for all ages, to aid the teacher of a mixed-age class. This format also encourages family members to discuss the lessons and to work on memory assignments together.

The lessons cover a three-year span, with one volume used each year. Each volume covers forty-one weeks of the year, from mid-September through Trinity Sunday (June), making a total of 123 lessons over a three-year period. The major feasts and liturgical seasons are also addressed. From late Trinity to Advent, lessons are devoted to the Old Testament, and from Lent to Trintytide lessons address New Testament teachings. The Seven Sacraments, prayer, and the Nicene Creed are also taught.

The Series is easy to teach and suitable for any size church school. Its simple and flexible format allows the instructor to expand on lessons at his/her discretion.

teacher_guideBeginners’ Teacher’s Guide

btn_cart_LG(age 3 through kindergarten)
Price: $10.00

This Manual covers the structure of a pre-school class, room arrangement, teaching techniques, and learning capabilities of children. It also includes a chapel service and a complete list of the lessons for the three-year cycle, including special lessons for difficult subjects such as Holy Communion.

primary_wb1Primary Workbook

(1st-3rd grades)

These color/craft/questionnaire workbooks are meant for non-readers through beginning readers. We suggest one workbook for each student and teacher. Each volume covers one full year in the three-year cycle. Pages may be torn out to take home, or the book may be saved for the end of the year. The Primary Workbook is designed to be used with the Junior Workbook and Teacher’s Text (for the teacher).

Primary Workbook Volume I

btn_cart_LGPrice: 12.00

Primary Workbook Volume II

btn_cart_LGPrice 12.00

Primary Workbook Volume III

btn_cart_LGPrice: 12.00

junior_wb2Junior Workbook and Teacher’s Text

(4th-6th grades)
Price: $12.00 per volume

These workbooks are designed for the reader and writer. Each lesson includes a Bible reference, memory verse, and written text of the lesson, followed by a questionnaire based on the text. We suggest one workbook for each student and teacher. Each volume covers one year in the three-year cycle. Recommended for primary teachers as their text reference.

Junior Workbook and Teacher’s Text, Volume I

btn_cart_LGPrice: 12.00

Junior Workbook and Teacher’s Text, Volume II

btn_cart_LGPrice: 12.00

Junior Workbook and Teacher’s Text, Volume III


Price 12.00


no_imageSummer Lessons: Three Programs for Primaries

Three fifteen-lesson programs for summer Sundays for Grades 1 +, based on popular children’s hymns: “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” “Advent Tells Us Christ Is Near,” and “I Sing a Song of the Saints of God.”

Each order includes one teacher’s manual. Only one manual is required for all three summer programs. Spiral bound. 94 pages. Paper cover.

Summer Lessons (Teacher’s Manual only)


Price: $12.00

Summer Lessons (package)


Price: 40.00

Summer Lessons Package is comprised of a 5-volume set
· All 4 Little Picture Books
· I Sing a Song of the Saints of God picture book (text by Lesbia Scott, illustrated by Judith Gwyn Brown, Morehouse Publishing: Harrisburg, PA).

teaching_churchs_childrenTeaching the Church’s Children: Sunday School Programs for Ages Three through Sixth Grade

btn_cart_LGPrice: $5.00

The theory and practice of beginning and running a Sunday School Program. 62 pages. Paper cover.

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