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For the Life of the World: Sacraments and Orthodoxy

by Alexander Schmemann


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Father Schmemann, former dean and professor of Liturgical Theology at St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, writes of the sacramental nature of life, as revealed in the Church. Unique, profound, a classic.

The Journals of Father Alexander Schmemann, 1973-1983

by Alexander Schmemann

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Father Schmemann’s journals of his last years. Touching, brilliant.


Anglo-Catholic in Religion: T.S. Eliot and Christianity

by Barry Spurr


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A lively and important biography of Eliot, emphasizing his influence on Anglican thought and culture.



by Christine Sunderland

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Pilgrimage is a the story of a journey through time, as Anglo-Catholic Madeleine Seymour encounters the healing love of God; set in Rome, Orvieto, Milan, Lake Como, Venice, Bologna, Florence, and Siena. The first of an Anglo-Catholic trilogy exploring the history of Christianity in Europe.


by Christine Sunderland

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Set in the breathtaking beauty of France (Lourdes, Rocamadour, Crillon-le-Brave, Vence, Lèrins, Lyons, Vézeley, Reims, and Paris) this Anglo-Catholic novel explores the nature of love through the saints and shrines of France. The second in the Anglo-Catholic trilogy.


by Christine Sunderland

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Set in the beauty of England, the final volume of this Anglo-Catholic trilogy explores our Christian legacy from Joseph of Arimathea to the Oxford Movement to the present day, weaving themes of belief, life, saints, and sacraments.


by Christine Sunderland

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Set in rural Hawaii, Hana-lani is a poignant love story examining the American culture of self and exploring the importance of history, family, faith, and love, and asking T.S. Eliot’s “permanent questions” – What is goodness, truth, and love?

The Magdalene Mystery

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Set in Rome and Provence, this mystery/suspense examines the nature of New Testament scholarship, the Apostles Creed, and how we know historical truth; a Catholic answer to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

“A gripping tale surprisingly easy to read. So much Gnostic and sub-Gnostic nonsense has been written about Mary Magdalene that it comes as a relief, as well as a pleasure, to read The Magdalene Mystery. Truth is often stranger than fiction—and much more fascinating.”
— Michael Donley, Ph.D., author of St Mary Magdalen in Provence (Gracewing)

“The Magdalene Mystery has history, intrigue, romance, and predatory Internet behavior. Where else can you see a single parent and a theology professor compete with a cyber-predator to find a manuscript revealing the real St. Mary Magdalene? It made me yearn to visit Rome again!
— Paul S. Russell, Ph.D., Dean, St. Joseph of Arimathea Theological College



by Evelyn Underhill


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The classic, poetic and profound discussion of the whys of liturgy and worship from a devout Anglican writer.

Abba, Meditations on The Lord’s Prayer

by Evelyn Underhill


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A booklet, suitable for retreats, for Advent and Lenten reading, illuminating each phrase of the Lord’s Prayer. Enriching.

The School of Charity, Meditations on the Christian Creed

by Evelyn Underhill


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A booklet, suitable for retreats, for Advent and Lenten reading, examining what we believe and why it matters.

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