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Freedom Just Around the Corner: A New American History 1585-1828

by Walter A. McDougall

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This volume is the first installment of a trilogy that will eventually bring the story of America up to the present day, and the third to emerge from the Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)’s History Institute and Center for the Study of America and the West. Walter A. McDougall is co-chairman of FPRI’s History Institute, Senior Fellow at FPRI, and the Alloy-Ansin Professor of International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania.

Meditations on a High Holy Day: The Fourth of July

by Walter A. McDougall

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The author of Promised LandCrusader State and Let the Sea Make a Noise, as well as Pulitzer Prize winning The Heavens and the Earth, Dr. McDougall wrote this stirring essay on American freedom. Portions of this essay are adapted from his new book, Freedom Just Around the Corner: A New American History 1585-1828 (New York: HarperCollins, 2004).

History of the Church in England

by J.R.H. Moorman

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The classic  history of the Anglican Church



The Question of God, C. S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life

by Dr. Armand M. Nicholi, Jr.

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An accessible and modern take on Lewis’s arguments for Christianity, addressing the pervasive Freudian ideas of our present day culture. Fascinating. A DVD is also available.

Father Elijah, an Apocalypse

by Michael D. O’Brien


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A Catholic apocalyptic novel: heroic, poetic, sacramental, not to be missed, O’Brien’s best work.


The Wisdom of Ambrose

by Susan Prudhomme

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When a woman who doesn’t know where she belongs meets a bear who doesn’t realize how wise he is, surprising things begin to happen. Susan Anderson’s children are grown, and her husband’s interests absorb him. Is she just an appendage to his life, or is there more for her? It will take sliding into a mythical world and befriending a bear named Ambrose to find the answer.   

The Forest: Book I of Menchian Journeys

by Susan Prudhomme

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Timkin Tanwarrel is a dreamer, a misfit in his village, and a disappointment to his parents – not the likeliest of heroes. But Timkin is swept into a great Journey, called by the mysterious One and guided by a cynical raven and a very wise she-wolf. Timkin’s world lies next to our own – but one step closer to the marvelous Abode of the One. It is a world you will want to revisit often.

Looking Through the World to See What’s Really There, One explanation of the first step toward religious belief

by Paul S. Russell

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What does the experience of being human really tell us about ourselves and the world we live in? How can we try to see what we know about the kind of beings we are and what kind of world we inhabit?  What do you see if you take the time to look at yourself and the life you live?  Useful for discussion groups.

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