Halls Dogmatic Theology Series

What do traditional Episcopalians really believe? This series of ten volumes, written by The Rev. Francis J. Hall, D.D., Professor of Dogmatic Theology, General Theological Seminary, New York., is designed to constitute a connected treatment of the entire range of Catholic Doctrine as it is maintained in the Episcopal Church and the Reformed Catholic Tradition of the Anglican Communion. These classics were first published from 1908 to 1922, and are now exclusively available from the American Church Union. (Note: some volumes have slight discoloration due to storage conditions.)

Volume I, Introduction


This volume is no longer available.

Paper cover. 273 pages.
Price: $15.00

Chapter Titles
  • The Science of Theology
  • The Natural and the Supernatural
  • Data and Sources
  • Faith and Reason
  • Faith and Knowledge
  • Some Principles of Study
  • Provincialism
  • Passing Thought
  • Theology Practical and Spiritual
  • Literature of Dogmatic Theology

Volume II, Authority, Ecclesiastical and


Paper cover. 300 pages.
Price: $15.00


Chapter Titles
  • Authority in General
  • Objections and Arguments
  • Ecclesiastical Authority
  • The Dogmatic Office
  • Councils and Popes
  • Biblical Authority
  • Criticism and Interpretation
  • The Rule of Faith
  • The Development of Doctrine

Volume III, The Being and Attributes of God


Paper cover. 310 pages.
Price: $15.00

Chapter Titles
  • Introduction
  • Theological Agnosticism
  • Christian Theism
  • The State of the Question
  • The Cosmological Argument
  • The Teleological Argument
  • The Moral Arguments
  • The Ontological Argument
  • Anti-theistic Theories
  • Monotheistic Doctrine
  • Quiescent Attributes
  • Active and Moral Attributes

Volume IV, The Trinity


Paper cover. 316 pages.
Price: $15.00


Chapter Titles
  • Introduction
  • Revelation of the Doctrine
  • The Development of Definitions
  • Biblical Induction
  • Difficulties
  • Personality and Related Terms
  • The Divine Persons
  • The Economic Trinity
  • Practical Value

Volume V, Creation and Man


Paper cover. 353 pages.
Price: $15.00


Chapter Titles
  • The Will of God
  • Creation
  • Divine Providence
  • The Problem of Evil
  • Angels
  • Man
  • Religion and Morality
  • Man’s Primitive State
  • Man’s Fallen State
  • Salvation and Progress

Volume VI, The Incarnation


Paper cover. 353 pages.
Price: $15.00


Chapter Titles
  • Introductory
  • Historical
  • The Taking of Our Nature
  • The Godhead of Christ
  • The Manhood of Christ
  • The Union of Natures
  • The Self-Effacement of Christ
  • The Example of Christ
  • The Offices of Christ
  • Our Lord’s Earthly Life

Volume VII, The Passion and Exaltation of


Paper cover. 323 pages.
Price: $15.00


Chapter Titles
  • Introduction
  • Eliminations and Problems
  • Theological Context
  • The Doctrine of Christ’s Death
  • Among the Dead
  • The Fact of the Resurrection
  • Rival Theories and Difficulties
  • Theological Interpretation
  • The Ascension
  • The Heavenly Priesthood

Volume VIII, The Church and the Sacramental


Paper cover. 343 pages.
Price: $15.00


Chapter Titles
  • The Work of the Holy Spirit
  • The Church Idea
  • The Nature of the Church
  • The Christian Ministry
  • Unity and Holiness
  • Catholicity and Apostolicity
  • The Anglican Churches
  • The Dispensation of Grace
  • The Sacramental System
  • Outward Signs

Volume IX, The Sacraments


Paper cover. 331 pages.
Price: $15.00


Chapter Titles
  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • The Holy Eucharist in History
  • The Eucharistic Gift
  • The Eucharistic Sacrifice
  • Benefits of the Eucharist
  • Penance
  • Holy Order
  • Holy Matrimony
  • Unction of the Sick

Volume X, Eschatology


Paper cover. 286 pages.
Price: $15.00


Chapter Titles
  • Introduction
  • Death
  • The Other World
  • The Communion of Saints
  • The Day of the Lord
  • The General Judgment
  • Future Punishment
  • The Glorious Consummation

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  1. Good evening, I would like to start to stady this book. Is it possible to have a first volume?


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