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All Is Grace, a Collection of Pastoral Sermonsby the Most Reverend Robert Sherwood Morse: All Is Grace. Press Release: All Is Grace Press Release.


Archbishop Robert Sherwood Morse, 1924-2015, Founder of the Anglican Province of Christ the King, In Memoriam. Thanks be to God for all he has given us.

In Memoriam: Memorial Dedication, October 24, 2015, St. Joseph of Arimathea Chapel, Berkeley, California

In Memoriam: Video Tribute to his life



“In the glorious Transfiguration of Christ, He reveals His coming sacrificial death. God thus takes responsibility for giving us freedom. He sacrifices Himself for that which we cannot do for ourselves, the restoration of our freedom through forgiveness, the grace again, now, to participate in the divine life of God, if we so choose. He becomes the Lamb of God, the Agnus Dei, replacing the sacrificial lambs offered by the Jews in the temple for the sins of the people.

“This is also the meaning of the epiphany of Our Lord’s Baptism in the Jordan River. John the Baptist looks up from the water and cries out, ‘Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.’ These are the very words the priest repeats when he offers the Host and Chalice for the people to receive: ‘Behold the Lamb of God.’

“In the Mass, this mystery is continued. Life is transfigured by the sacramental Presence of Christ, and a sense of the sacred is restored to us. When we see the sacred we see the sanctity, the transfiguration, of all life. We see that we partake in the nature of God. In turn our response to such complete divine love in the Mass is to offer our souls and bodies to be a living sacrifice to thee, oh God.”

The Most Rev. Robert Sherwood Morse, ALL IS GRACE (American Church Union, 2017), from a sermons preached August 6, 2000 at Holy Family, Arcata, CA and St. Martin of Tours, Concord, CA

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