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Nicholas Mosley  (1923-1917)

The American Church Union recently learned of the passing into Eternity of Nicholas Mosley, Lord Ravensdale, of London, author of The Life of Raymond Raynes, reprinted with permission by the ACU. Lord Ravensdale was most gracious and helpful with the project, and we were so thankful that we were able to keep Father Raynes’ biography in print. He died February 28, 2017 at age 93. May his soul rest eternal and may light perpetual shine upon him.





All Is Grace, a Collection of Pastoral Sermonsby the Most Reverend Robert Sherwood Morse: All Is Grace. Press Release: All Is Grace Press Release.


Archbishop Robert Sherwood Morse, 1924-2015, Founder of the Anglican Province of Christ the King, In Memoriam. Thanks be to God for all he has given us.

In Memoriam: Memorial Dedication, October 24, 2015, St. Joseph of Arimathea Chapel, Berkeley, California

In Memoriam: Video Tribute to his life



“On the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, we celebrate her being ‘assumed,’ her [bodily] rising into Heaven. The Assumption, like the Resurrection, is far more compelling than unseen solar systems, yet illusive and difficult to comprehend. The Assumption reaffirms that our real destiny is the personal, ultimate good, outside time, union with God. The tragedy today is that few have really heard the Gospel, the good news of Jesus, that God has called us to celebrate eternal life with Him, starting now. This is the essence and reality of the Mass and our life in Christ. I am often struck by the beauty and power of the Resurrection. We have the faith and the hope that God will make all things right, all roads straight, all tears dry, beyond time, in Heaven. Trusting Him, we can steady ourselves on our journey from youth to age. Trusting Him, we do not tire. We do not despair over the tragedy of those who do not believe.”

The Most Rev. Robert Sherwood Morse, from ALL IS GRACE

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