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All Is Grace, a Collection of Pastoral Sermonsby the Most Reverend Robert Sherwood Morse: All Is Grace. Press Release: All Is Grace Press Release.


Archbishop Robert Sherwood Morse, 1924-2015, Founder of the Anglican Province of Christ the King, In Memoriam. Thanks be to God for all he has given us.

In Memoriam: Memorial Dedication, October 24, 2015, St. Joseph of Arimathea Chapel, Berkeley, California

In Memoriam: Video Tribute to his life



A History of the Diocese of Christ the King

A History of the Diocese of Christ the King and the Anglican Province of Christ the King

In this compelling, concise, and insightful history, Bishop Hansen tells the story of the Anglican Province of Christ the King, led by the inspirational Archbishop Robert Sherwood Morse. He describes the dramatic events leading to the St. Louis Congress (1977) and the Denver consecrations (1978), as faithful Anglicans sought to ensure historic Christian faith and practice. Bishop Hansen recounts the growth of the Diocese and the national Province to become the leading voice for traditional Anglicans in America today. In conclusion, he considers the future of the APCK.


“The Anglican Christmas reflects the Passion of Christ. The mystery of the Cross is the mystery of Christmas. The holly with the blood-red drops of berries, surrounded by the crown of green thorns. The tree that became the Cross. St. Francis of Assisi, who gave us the crèche, must have been thinking upon the Cross when he said the secret of life is to love and expect nothing in return. The carols, too, reflect the Passion, for they sing of love revealed. The swaddling clothes of new life will become wound into the burial cloth of death. The angels circle and surround both crèche and Cross, eternal spirits of bright light, pure intelligence. They sing to the shepherds, ‘Peace to men of good will.’ They hover above and about the manger, singing of God’s incarnate love. God who is absolute love can never be proven, for love to be known can only be given and received. This is the spirit of Christmas!”

The Most Reverend Robert Sherwood Morse, All Is Grace (The American Church Union, 2017)

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